Working hard for our community.

That’s what it means to be a local.


The Know-How

With over ten years of experience on the Ucluelet town council, I know how the city operates both inside and out. I’ve lead and directed countless municipal campaigns to bring the state of our wellbeing and economic development forward.

I don’t need training. I don’t need a transition period. From day one I’ll set my four-year plan in motion. Ucluelet is an incredible place to live, but there’s so much I believe we can improve on.

Housing for all, lower taxes, and a future-proof tourism stimulus here we come.


Locally Minded

I’ve lived in Ucluelet for over 33 years. When I moved here at the age of 18, I worked wherever I could in order to afford rent. I knew nobody, I had no support network, and I was entirely on my own two feet.

So I kept working. And I rented a place. I started a business. I started a family. I built a home. I got married. The community of Ucluelet took me in, fostered me, and gave me the support I needed to succeed. I raised my children here. I’ve worked in almost every industry on the West Coast.

So don’t think for a second that there isn’t someone in the running who cares about your voice. I know what it’s like to be at any stage of the Ucluelet journey…

because I was once there myself.


Community Driven

If you’ve been to the Ucluelet Co-op’s produce department, you’ve been to my old office. Yes, for ten years that was where I took community issues in first hand. The other hand was, of course, stocking cilantro.

My outspoken levels of community engagement have given me the reputation of Ucluelet’s most approachable councillor. If there was ever a bug in the community, I acted as a direct liaison for the rest of the councillors.

I was once a small business owner. I was once a renter. I was once trying to raise a family here. And man would I have loved to have been able to communicate with local government about not only my issues, but my worries. To know that my voice was heard.

There’s this stereotype that governments have secret agendas stowed behind closed doors.

Which is why mine has always been open.


Work together, play together, grow together:

Democracy 2.0

Ucluelet is rapidly approaching a population of 2,000 people.

To accurately survey a group of 2,000 people (to an accuracy of ±3%) you need a sample size of 600 people.

When’s the last time you felt heard? How do five people—a mayor and four councillors—manage an entire community?


Over my past ten years on Ucluelet’s council, I’ve learned about the inefficiencies that exist within the government machine. Bureaucracy slows progress. No open portal for community involvement leaves voices unheard. A community with as much potential as Ucluelet cannot be managed by only five voices. We need yours too. With four years to make a difference, there’s no time to waste.

With your support I’m going to create the most community-driven and effective government body for Ucluelet.

Your voice will be heard. Your opinions will influence. Your engagement will make change.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my page.


Here is the link to the Mayoral All-candidates Event: